Monday, March 10, 2008

A Different Culture?

Everyone has a tractor in Texas. Some people have small ones and some have big ones. More tractor photos later.

There is only one grocery store in San Marcos even though it's not a small town. The grocery store is named H.E.B. I am told this stands for Harry E. Butts - the founder of HEB. The grocery checker says, "How y'all doin?" when you come up to the counter. Everyone says, "y'all" here. 

Since we are near Austin, there is a lot of good music on the radio. The South by Southwest Festival begins this week with hundreds of bands playing in hundreds of venues all around the city. We are going out to hear some music tonight.

The Tybobwowsky ranchette is in the middle of a kind of enclave of artists who work with ceramics and found objects. This will be the subject of the next blog post. Stay tuned!


HotDanish said...

Hi y'all,
Great to hear from Zebulon and Ty and Wow and to hear about looking with our Native Hawaiian o'hana (family). They are really focused on reviving Native Hawaiian connections to the land. It's ironic that they, the native people of that land, also need to fly below the radar when they want the freedom to connect with land in traditional ways. They have to deal with the overwhelming concept of land being real estate and being too expensive for the normal person to buy. But I guess when we can find land that we can own, then we can set the standards for freedom of expression. Ironic that we have to own land to set it free.

HotDanish said...

Additional comment from HotDanish:
Just getting used to the blogosphere. And I accidentally deleted most of my message:
Anyway, Kismet and I have been considering the idea of Gateway Ranch being one of a series of Zones around the globe. Sounds like one is developing down there in Texas. The reference to Hawaii in my previous post is because we are leaving for the Big Island tomorrow. Hope you guys are all doing well.