Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cadwac Finds a New Home

My art car, the Cadwac now has a new owner. It is going to have a new life, too. Plans are in the works to do a major visual remodel of the car. Although it doesn't belong to me anymore, I will still be involved in helping with the remodel. Any metal work needed will be done at my shop. The new owner intends it to be used as a mutant vehicle at Burning Man next year as well as appearing in various parades and such.
It will have a whole new look - a darker, more steampunk look, with the addition of fire cannons and other effects, it should be pretty damn cool! We will add air springs to it and a trailer hitch as well as some special fog and lightng effects.
I am glad to see new energy and enthusiasm put into it. I will post updates on its transformation here in this blog.

One other thing, I fixed the link in my previous post so that you will actually get to see more photos of Charmingdale. Sorry I got it wrong the first time.


Guy Taylor said...

Goodbye Cadwac!
I enjoyed my short ride in your balcony but it sounds like you're off to a new life and your next incarnation. I wish you happy miles and a strong battery!

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Peter Mullen said...

Oh Cadwac, oh Cadwac, oh how I loved Thee! You flew me across most desert country, My girl she was laughin, me heart it was glad, Til I see you again and recall what we had!